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Welcome to Woodabe.


We are delighted to finally present to you our new great product –


please welcome wooden mod!!!


Woodabe is happy to introduce to you three models: Priti, Bishop and Tower.

All our products are made of highest quality wood for beautiful gloss covered in lacquer numerous times. As each of our products is handmade each one of them is somehow different and unique! No one will have exactly same one piece as you have!

We currently offer birch burl, beech and oak in its natural colours and pattern.

It’s simply elegant and practically classy it’s ideal for anyone from occasional to experienced smokers. Will be a great joy for collectors as well as it can be a fantastic gift!


E-Cigarette (e-cig) stand/holder

handmade by European manufacturer. Wood is supplied by only central- and eastern- European Foresters. The products are made of carefully selected knotless plays. Each stand/holder is made of 15 layers, curved and shaped.

Woodabe offers following standard colours: natural – beech, cognac, mahogany and walnut. By request can be painted in any colour.

The E-cigarette stand/holder
can be covered in wax - based on beeswax. It gives nice, light, natural scent and gentle gloss. Or polished for more gloss, elegant look.
Our products are practical, solid in its lightness and look good as furniture accessory.

E-Cigarette clip-on pipe

are made of one piece of beech wood. Painted cognac colour with a smoky effect and with finished high gloss polish. This product gives the e-cigarette stylish and unusual look.



Our Manufacturer is capable to produce in big quantities in timely manner.


Seller/manufacturer won't be responsible for any special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use of this Product, or based on any breach of warranty.


Those Products come straight from manufacturer. Custom colours, design and quantity would be a subject for a dialog. All items can be pre-ordered.

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